Date: Dec 10, 2012 5:38 AM
Author: giuseppe
Subject: A simple circuit in SimHydraulics

I need to model a very simple system in which a piston is moving in a cilinder pushed by a mechanical source. 
The alternate movement of the piston creates an increase of pressure in the chamber till an inlet valve opens, the flow passes
through an hydraulic circuit and then returns to the chamber acrossing another outlet valve.
When the piston moves forward the inlet valve maintains opened whereas the outlet valve stay closed and viceversa.

The tools I have seen in simHydraulics seems to be not appropriate to model this system. The chambers and tanks do not fit with the scope.
The other elements are designed to transform hydraulic into mechanical energy. I need to do the opposite.

Anyone has experienced something similar?

Do you have any idea of which tool may I use in simHydraulics?

Thanks in advance for any help