Date: Dec 11, 2012 2:24 AM
Subject: Help_Dynamic_Popupmenu


My name is Marco and I'm new to this group. I just started to use Mathematica to study and I have a problem: I need to create a dynamic table where I have to enter values, parameters or numbers. I think I did this, as I do now to retrieve the values entered? or you can convert this table into an array? This is my code:

Parameters=Table[{{PopupMenu[Subscript[\[Theta], i],{0,Subscript[q, i],-2Pi,-3Pi/2,-Pi,-Pi/2,Pi/2,Pi,3Pi/2,2Pi}]},{PopupMenu[Subscript[d, i],{0,Subscript[d, i],Subscript[q, i]}]},

{PopupMenu[Subscript[\[Alpha], i],{0,-2Pi,-3Pi/2,-Pi,-Pi/2,Pi/2,Pi,3Pi/2,2Pi}]},{PopupMenu[Subscript[a, i],{0,Subscript[a, i]}]}},{i,n}];Text@Grid[Prepend[Parameters,{"Subscript[\[Theta], i]","Subscript[d, i]","Subscript[\[Alpha], i]","Subscript[a, i]"}],Frame->All]