Date: Dec 11, 2012 1:09 PM
Author: Chuck37
Subject: Sharing big data across parfor or spmd

I have a big piece of never changing data that I'd like to be used by all the workers in a parallel setting.  Since I'm only working with local workers, I don't understand why I have to eat the huge latency associated with transferring the data to workers each time the parfor loop is called.  Can someone explain?

I tried to use spmd to send data once at the beginning and have it stay there, but the data is kind of big (~2 GB going to 10 workers), and I got "error during serialization" anyway. Is there a solution to this problem with local workers where they can all access the data from the same memory? Accesses are infrequent, so simultaneous access shouldn't cause a big slowdown.

Any ideas would be great.

My setup is something like this by the way:

M = big data;
for x = 1:m
parfor y = 1:n
a(y) = function(M,a(y));

Parfor is presently worse than 'for' because of the overhead from sending M every time.