Date: Dec 11, 2012 7:54 PM
Author: Fran Alvarez
Subject: Recurrence Equation RSolve, no error shown, no solution?

Hi all!
I'm looking for the solution of:

RSolve[{w[n + 1] == w[n] - 0.02/w[n], w[0] == 2}, w[n], n]

but the output is the same on the input and no error is shown. I've read the help that comes with Mathematica (I'm using 7.01 version for Mac) but no way. It seems to me that the main difference with the majority of examples shown in the help is the w[n] that appears as a denominator at the equation's RHS. I've seen complex rational examples at the help though, and RSolve manages to give a solution.

Could someone tell me if there is possible to solve this and what's my error?
Thank you!
Fran =C1lvarez