Date: Dec 12, 2012 4:50 PM
Author: Chris
Subject: Superimpose different colormap figures over eachother on same figure

Hello Everyone, 
I've searched everywhere and can't figure out a solution to my problem.
I have 2 240x240 matrices one called IM which is the original image, and the second is a mask called MAP (it is a T2 map of the values from an MRI) of different values from 25-50. I want to have the original image IM as a grayscale then have the MAP as a colormap(jet) superimposed on top of the image keeping everywhere where the MAP has 0's as the greyscaled image has given by IM along with the colorscale given on the side of the image.

This is what I have tried among many other ways but still no luck.

figure, imagesc(im), colormap('gray');
hold on;
imagesc(MAP), colormap(jet);

Any help would be greatly appreciated