Date: Dec 12, 2012 5:35 PM
Author: Wojtek
Subject: How to insert a vector between two arbitrary points of a matrix?

Currently I'm working with Projection Slice Theorem in matlab. I would like to put 1D Fourier Transforms into a 2D Fourier Domain - so that later I can compute inverse FT. I cannot use Radon functions.
So I have vectors with 1d FT. Let's say that their size is 1x1024. Every such vector should be placed in a 2d matrix, so that the center of the vector will be in the centre of a matrix - but each vector must be placed at a different angle. It's easy to put a vector horizontally in the matrix but I find it difficult to put such vectors at different angles. That's why I have a question: is there some smart way to put a vector of a specific size between two arbitrary points of a matrix? What I mean by that: I give two points of a matrix, I have a vector, and I want to put that vector (the whole vector from the first cell to the last one) between these two points. Almost always the number of cells in the matrix between these points will be different from the size of a vector - so some automatic interpolation would be necessary. It would be something like an inverse improfile function.
I would be very grateful for some suggestions!