Date: Dec 13, 2012 5:24 AM
Author: Ricardo
Subject: Stand-Alone Applications - accept .m code

Hello everybody

I'm developing a GUI in Matlab and I intend to build this interface to a "Stand-Alone Applications".
The interface calls several (.m) functions and my target is later can add new (.m) functions. At this time I?m using the function Feval.
The problem is that the Feval function does not work in a "Stand-Alone Applications".
One possible way to work with (.m) code in a "Stand-Alone Applications" is to use the Eval function, but this function does not optimize (.m) code.
Is there any way to add (.m) code in a "Stand-Alone Applications" without having to recompile the application? For example, pre-compile the code (.m) of new functions to be recognized by the application?

Thank you