Date: Dec 14, 2012 11:34 PM
Author: Ray Koopman
Subject: Re: Thanks for doing those two plots - yes - we agree on what we're seeing

On Dec 14, 5:26 pm, djh <> wrote:
> Thanks for doing those two plots.
> You wrote:
> "The biggest difference I see is that the SE's in set 2 are more
> consistent than those in set 1, especially for L > 90 or so. However,
> that could be just a sample-size artifact."
> Yes - we agree on the difference we're seeing.
> And I'm therefore hoping you'll tell me there's a way to reliably
> decide the sample-size artifact question.
> Is there?

Multiply each SE by the square root of its n, then plot.
Also, you might try plotting the points without connecting them,
which will make it easier to see holes.