Date: Dec 18, 2012 1:20 AM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: Would effective gun control laws be 'unacceptable social engineering'?

>From that 'lefist' magazine, the New Yorker, some interesting views:

- -- "What Obama Must Do About Guns" -

I personally believe Obama 'must do' plenty more - but at least what is suggested here seems to be a sound beginning. (Of course, there will be those who would wish to command me to "BUTT OUT!" - as usual, I shall ignore any and all such commands).

- -- "Obama in Newtown: Ready to Act on Guns?"

Any action that Obama may now take on this issue is at least four years too late. But better late than never. See remarks above.

- -- "China Watches Newtown: Guns and American Credibility"

At a very fundamental level, it doesn't really matter what China (or India; or any other country) thinks of you. What DOES matter (at that fundamental level) is what you think of yourselves and what you want to do about that.

For proponents of the view that the 'Second Amendment' absolutely prohibits any such civilised act as 'gun control':
- -- "So you think you know the Second Amendment?" -

I'm no expert on your Second Amendment (and I don't aim to become one) - but I feel Mr Toobin does make a pretty sound case. I believe I feel could make a much stronger case, but no matter, Mr Toobin's ideas are basically sound.

Anyway, do check out the documents attached to my message at "Democracy - how to achieve it?" - - for information on some tools that could help you find out "what you think of yourselves" and then to "do something about that". As noted elsewhere, the application of those tools will first demand some (a very little) learning and some (a fair bit of) 'unlearning'.

(For those such as Barry Garelick who find my views "tedious", I observe that the EASY way to avoid all such tedium would be to ignore any and all messages purporting to originate from GSC)

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