Date: Dec 19, 2012 1:07 AM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Uncivilized India: I could - but shall not - hide my head in shame

Here below are some links to reports of a horrific, and very shaming, event that has just occurred in India (in Delhi, our capital). 

The 'surrounding culture' in my nation - which is NOT adequately captured in the TV and newspaper reports herewith linked - is what what makes me want to hide my head in shame.

- -- "India Gang-Rape: ..." -

- -- "Gang-rape in Delhi bus: ..." -

- -- "MPs seek death penalty for Delhi gang rape accused" -

- -- "Parliament shocked over Delhi gang rape, seeks death penalty" -

On the surface of it, it is just one sordid event - and our police, Parliament and civic society all seem to be reacting in appropriate ways that could lead to adequate resolution of the underlying issues.

It is not this incident alone, but the pretty wide-spread 'macho culture' in India (that many of our males aspire to) is actually what is at issue - and none of that is adequately captured in those newsreports. Women are severely victimized and often abused in India, to our national shame: both in the public space and at their homes; in over 60 years of Independence, we have barely moved in the least effectively on this issue.

Following this disgusting rape, there have been, however, a great many discussions on TV (and elsewhere) during which several participants have put forth views that make me feel most hopeful that things may well change in future. A couple of links to these discussions is herewith provided. (Several politicians did express pretty sensible views in the Parliamentary discussions - a couple were even wise).

[I note that I've not viewed the videos myself (as my computer and my Internet connection are not adequate to the task) - though I did follow the original TV programs with interest, particularly with reference to whether the participants had any inkling of the 'real dimensions' of the issue].

- -- Times Now: "Where is my India?" -

- -- Times Now: "Death penalty for rapes?" -

The discussions that I followed on most TV channels did have many individuals (not necessarily the officials nor the leading opinion makers) expressing views that tend to make me believe that a "civilized culture in regard to women's place in society" may yet develop in India - and that could be quite soon, perhaps within a few years.

(Yes, I know this has been much delayed - we have been independent for over 60 years! I have no excuses for that; though there does exist rational explanation for this delay in developing a 'civilised culture' in this respect).

I provide the names of other major (English language) TV news channels, which interested readers may look up via Google or other search engine, connect to and download appropriate videos if they're interested:

Headlines Today; NDTV 24x7; CNN-IBN;
Lok Sabha TV; Rajya Sabha TV (the newschannels that carry the live discussions in our Parliament).

The Hindi and other language channels have also provided sizable coverage and discussion of the issue, specifically with respect to the 'culture in India' that thus victimizes women.

On balance, I find that there are very hopeful signs that, in the pretty near future, we Indians could well not have to feel ashamed about the way we treat women in public and at home. Such happy resolution of this issue would be very signficantly speeded up if I am successful in bringing my 'One Page Management System' (OPMS) effectively to the notice of opinion makers, political leaders, the public at large. More information about the OPMS is available as attachments to my message heading the discussion "Democracy: how to achieve it?" - see

I bring up this 'non-math' subject at this forum because what is at the heart of it is that, in the conventional ways, we are not tackling ANY societal issue effectively - whether it be developing effective educational systems; reducing corruption; ensuring effective governance of our nation; or developing a 'civilized society'.

The recent killings at Newtown, Connecticut, by an obviously deranged individual of 20 children aged between 6 and 7 years and 7 adults are one indication of an extremely uncivilized culture rampant in the USA. Quite as uncivilized as the killings themselves are some of the reactions and justifications that I've seen and heard.

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