Date: Dec 19, 2012 8:25 AM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: Uncivilized India: I could - but shall not - hide my head in<br> shame

Further my post of Dec 19, 2012 11:37 AM, the following requires some amendment:
> Here below are some links to reports of a horrific,

> It is not this incident alone, but the pretty
> wide-spread 'macho culture' in India (that many of
> our males aspire to) is actually what is at issue -
> and none of that is adequately captured in those
> newsreports. Women are severely victimized and often
> abused in India, to our national shame: both in the
> public space and at their homes; in over 60 years of
> Independence, we have barely moved in the least
> effectively on this issue.

In fact, there is good reason to believe that, at the time when we won Independence from the British - and even as recently as a few years ago - we used to treat women with a great deal more respect and consideration than we do now.