Date: Dec 19, 2012 10:53 PM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: Would effective gun control laws be 'unacceptable social<br> engineering'?

Robert Hansen (RH) posted  Dec 20, 2012 8:35 AM: 
> On Dec 19, 2012, at 9:09 PM, GS Chandy
> <> wrote:

> > When a child 'learns math' (or anything else),
> he/she has to learn from a specific position and
> place in society. Thus the entire societal system
> also comes up for review.
> I learned from the position of abject poverty (by
> anyone's standard), while some of my peers learned
> from a position of quite well off, and others
> somewhere in the middle. Is this what you mean?
> Bob Hansen

Yes, indeed. That is precisely what I mean.

PLUS: some practical means to pass on the doubtless profound and valuable insights you have gained to other members of your society who may be able to use those insights: there are a sizable number of poor people still remaining in the USA (one of the world's more wealthy nations). That will not be achieved, I'm pretty certain, by any part of the manner or the content of the comments that I've seen you make here thus far about how you have brought yourself up out of poverty-stricken circumstances.

I see few signs of either the ability or the willingness on your part to pass on these useful insights you may have gained. Check out the tools described at the attachments to my message at for practical ways to gain both ability and, perhaps, willingness.