Date: Dec 20, 2012 2:08 PM
Author: Michael
Subject: Creating Datatips with additional information

So I have more information I would like to display in the datatip cursor than what I want to plot.  I have an 8-dimensional array and only want the plot the first two dimenstions, but want the rest information displayed in the datatip cursor.

data(:,1) = x_vals
data(:,2) = y_vals
data(:,3) = z_vals
data(:,4) = pressure_vals
data(:,5) = temp_vals
... etc.

Plot the following line:

What I want the cursor to display at i_th location along the line:
'X: data(i,1) \n'
'Y: data(i,2) \n'
'Z: data(i,3) \n'
'P: data(i,4) \n'
'T: data(i,5) \n'
... etc.

How would I do this? Thx.