Date: Dec 20, 2012 11:45 PM
Author: Josh Segura
Subject: could you help me out? : )


I'm new here and wanted to borrow all of your brilliant minds to steer me in a fruitful direction.

I was in the mood for a geometry puzzle the other day out of the blue.

I've always been a very poor performer in math historically, but was super proud of passing AP Calculus with a 4 in my senior yr of high school!

So this was the puzzle: I wanted to try and see the most basic shapes drawn with the most basic of lines. I started with zero as its one continuous line so kinda different from the rest. one line =1 , two lines =2, three lines=triangle, so on, so forth.

Eventually I premised you could do this for every number and managed to get up to the number 25 represented as a bilateral symmetrical shape, before I got distracted/bored.

Attached is a picture I took of a diagram I made for my boyfriend. In a separate notebook, a day earlier, I wrote most of my diagrams.

Essentially, since never really being all that knowledgeable about math, I'm lost about what this math is or where i could learn further about this.

Any directions aimed anywhere helps!!!

happy holidays/merry xmas