Date: Dec 21, 2012 5:38 AM
Subject: How to build on your own BodePlot function?


I am new to Mathematica and still struggling to understand what is going on.

I wonder whether someone out there could give me some pointers on how to modify or build BodePlot function that comes with Mathematica. Something that replaces the original function altogether. The reason is simple: BodePlot does not handle well transfer functions such as 1/(s^2),1/(s^3) - something to do with the way the angles are handled. Arg does not distinguish between 180 and -180, -270 and +90 and etc.

I have not figured out how to see the actual code under the hood of BodePlot. I was think of a function with the same options of the original BodePlot.

NicholsPlot has the same problem.

I was informed that Wolfram does not have a time line to fix this problem.

Many thanks