Date: Dec 21, 2012 9:36 PM
Author: Ooi
Subject: how to import .dat file to MATLAB memory?

i come across this link:

it said the MATLAB code is workable, so i tried and modified:

% Load image and convert it to grayscale
I = rgb2gray(imread('DSCF5508.jpg'));
% Get face bounding box
bbox = [72, 72, 183, 183];
% Load flandmark_model file into MATLAB memory
model = flandmark_load_model('F:/Project/Face recognition/Installer/flandmark-master/data/flandmark_model.dat');
% Detect facial landmark calling the mex function
landmarks = flandmark_detector(I, int32(bbox), model);

But it comes out an error message:

Undefined function 'flandmark_load_model' for input arguments of
type 'char'.

Error in asd (line 7)
model = flandmark_load_model('F:/Project/Face

ps: asd is a script file name, named as asd.m

Can anyone help me to solve it??? I have totally no idea TT