Date: Dec 23, 2012 1:11 AM
Author: Wayne Bishop
Subject: Re: A Coordinator, A Facilitator, And An Educator Walk Into A<br>  Bar

"Adjusted for population" matters.  With a population much less than 
half of my LA Basin and very uniform ethnic and educational
backgrounds Norway and the US are about is incomparable as you can get.


>In reply to my message in this thread
>"Re: A Coordinator, A Facilitator, And An Educator Walk Into A Bar"
>in which I show, among other things, that via a link containing vast
>amounts of documentation that Haim's prior claims are wrong when he
>claims that US public school math education has collapse is utterly
>false, that the opposite is the case, Haim is above talking about my
>references to the Scandinavian countries, especially Norway, how each
>one of their per-capita nominal GDPs have for every one one of or
>almost every one one of (depending on the country) the past few
>decades been larger than and growing faster than that of the US, and
>how, according to the ongoing studies of which countries are best to
>live in terms of which ones have the highest levels of happiness
>according to the measurements of the studies, these Scandinavian
>countries, especially Norway, top the entire world. (Norway's
>per-capita nominal GDP is now around around $100,000 while that of the
>US is only a little under $50,000. The Norwegian economy is now
>roughly twice as large as the US economy, adjusted for population.)
>"Moral economics -> world's highest living standard and greatest happiness"
>for lots of details, complete with large amounts of documentation.