Date: Dec 24, 2012 1:33 AM
Author: Matt
Subject: License Activation/Deactivation

My current MatLab commercial license allows me to operate the program on one computer. However, sometimes I may be away from the computer that the program is operating on for two weeks at a time. I do bring a separate laptop with me when I am away. 

So, is it "Kosher" for me to deactivate MatLab on my stationary computer when I am away from it and then subsequently activate it on my Laptop? And then when I return to my stationary computer I can simply reactivate it while deactivating the program on my laptop? That way, I am still using the program on only one computer at a time and operating within the legal bounds of the license.

However, I am not certain if this practice is frowned upon or if Mathworks shys people away from doing this by perhaps not allowing one to reactivate a computer for a certain grace period?

Also, if I instantly deactivate the stationary computer online through Mathworks can I instantly activate it on my laptop, and vice versa?

Thoughts on this are appreciated.