Date: Dec 25, 2012 3:25 AM
Author: Phillip Helbig---remove CLOTHES to reply
Subject: Re: Simple Refutation of Cantor's Proof

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George Greene <> writes:

> On Dec 24, 6:29=A0am, (Phillip Helbig---
> undress to reply) wrote:

> > You are missing the point. =A0The whole idea of the diagonal argument is
> No, Phil, YOU are missing the point. YOU ARE NEW.
> Herc has been here FOR A DECADE. YOU should look back.
> Everything you are about to say HAS BEEN SAID a dozen times
> already.

Right, being in a newsgroup for 10 years automatically means that one
must have refuted a proof which professional mathematicians believe is
OK. Right. Conquering usenet is not the same as conquering the world.

Why is he still posting the same stuff after 10 years? Why hasn't he
submitted it to a journal, won the Fields medal etc?