Date: Dec 26, 2012 5:31 PM
Author: Edwardo
Subject: Parallel Toolbox

I am new with MATLAB and I am doing some research that uses it. My research consist on parallelizing some algorithms that are already implemented in MATLAB. For this purpose, we will buy around February the Parallel Computing Toolbox.

I will use the toolbox with spmd: message passing. I have some experience with MPI in C. I search some doc abour the labSend and labReceive functions.

My question are: Did I need to specify the exact quantity of what I want to receive as in C? (looks line not)
To receive information, did the variable "data" be the same size as what is being received?
data = labReceive(source,tag)

If I need to read a lot of files that are in my home directory on a cluster and the other matlab workers are in other computers, (cores) (because is a cluster...) the workers can have access to a file that is in my home directory?? (the answer mut be no right??)