Date: Dec 28, 2012 2:39 AM
Subject: resistance in EM is Malus law of polarization intensity Chapt15.34<br> explaining Superconductivity from Maxwell Equations #1120 New Physics #1240<br> ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Alright, I think I can explain not only resistance in electromagnetism
but explain friction of classical physics, also in terms of magnetic
monopoles and polarization of photons.

But let me backtrack to the Goodstein "The Mechanical Universe"
episode 50 to explain that
oblique polarizer in the most easiest explanation.
For if we have the truth, the explanation should be easy with no

The explanations goes like this. Every photon is a double transverse
wave shaped not like a L of E and B fields but shaped like a cross:


where the 4 vertices have magnetic monopoles and causing a additional
E field in the forefront of the moving wave, called the pilot wave or
guide wave.

So every photon has two E fields and the second E field, the pilot
wave is caused by the B field going into the closed loop of the E
field of the wavefront.
In double transverse waves, we have a Faraday law application of the B
field moving into the E field creating a second E field-- the pilot

So now, in the Goodstein demonstration whenever a photon meets a new
medium such as a vertical filter, the pilot wave "remembers" that
vertical alignment and changes the motion of the entire wavefront of
the photon to be vertical phase. When the wavefront meets the second
filter of oblique, the pilot wave alters the rest of the vertical
wavefront to be a oblique wavefront and then lastly it meets the
horizontal filter and some photons survive the three filters by
appearing on the screen according to Malus law.

Now a similar explanation goes into the Aharonov-Bohm experiment of
solenoid changed the phase of the wavefronts.

So the Goodstein demonstration proves two things about photons. They
are transverse waves since a vertical and then horizontal eliminate
all photons from getting through. But the demonstration also demands
that photons be double transverse waves and not just single-transverse
because a single transverse wave cannot produce a pilot wave out in
front of the main wavefront.

But as I mentioned so often before, that the real proof that photons
are double transverse waves is that the speed of light can only be a
constant regardless of wavelength or frequency provided if the photon
were double transverse to have destructive interference and allow the
motion forward to be a constant speed.

Now I still am unsure as to whether the photon can split apart and
form two or more neutrinos. For this, we need more experiments
measuring whether the polarizing filters gain heat proportional to
energy in and no photons out. So this could go either way, that
photons have neutrinos inside them, or that photons and neutrinos have
nothing in common. And I am beginning to think they have nothing in
common. They do travel at the speed of light which then says they are
double transverse waves as is the photon. The energies of neutrinos
seem to follow the same range as the energies of photons except beyond
10 MeV. But I am going to let neutrinos pass me by in this edition of
this book. Probably I should have asked the more important question--
how does the Maxwell Equations deliver a particle that is the
neutrino? The neutrino comes out only in the conservation of mass in
atomic physics. So somehow I should have looked for a link up there.
And ultimately they have to be something of magnetic monopoles since
we cannot go lower than magnetic monopoles. The idea that neutrinos
are odd numbered monopoles and photons even-numbered is probably not
the solution, because photon energy goes well beyond 10 MeV whereas
neutrinos end at about there. Likely, there is going to be some
experiment in the future involving neutrinos that is inexplicable,
except when dressed with monopoles. So that theory should not try to
guess, but rather wait for experiments such as the Aharonov Bohm
experiment allows us to conclude the pilot wave. Theory and ideas
ahead of experiments of facts are usually dangerous theories that end
up in the dumpster. Now if we do have an experiment that shows
neutrinos coming off of polarizing lenses of photons, then I can jump
in fully with the theory of neutrinos.

And I am going to spend time on fixing loose ends of the magnetic
monopoles. I have not yet resolved the issue of how the monopoles are
arranged for the electron and proton and how the E field and B field
are arranged with monopoles.

And I need to comment on various facets of these new insights. I need
to detail more about the Faraday law conducted under superconduction
materials and how the emf is resistance as a phase change of

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