Date: Dec 28, 2012 4:02 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Machine Cult vs. Caste System

Russia has a weak heart, ya know... They have a caste system... It is
a caste system based on merit... No matter what your circumstance,
academic performance can elevate the student into a better
circumstance... It isn't fair because everybody tries but only the
cream of the crop advances. Russians are beggars... They're all
beggars but what can ya do? Texas objectifies America's caste system
but the Texas caste system is based on birthright... No matter what
you're circumstance, a Texan cannot do any kind of labor other than
the kind of labor his caste allows for and was born into... Fewer
beggars... More PRIDE!!! What's the downside??? The four player game
is an introduction to academe... but it is not my thesis... A thesis
is objectified as a hook... The four player game is a thesis which has
no hook. The four player game can't be a thesis if it has no hook. The
hook of the four player game is that if academe wants it, they have to
come begging me for it and not the other way around... Nash is not
schizophrenic... He does work and will not come to my office if I can
go to his office instead. OK Well, Nash, then you need to objectify
brandy and expensive cigars when I arrive at your office because I
know damn good and well that the purpose of any office visit is a
court martial from the lesbian set.
Japan is objectified as a machine cult... How do I have empathy for a
machine cult?... I have so much empathy for a machine cult, I'm
surprized that I can see anything when I look in the mirror... Japan
is a machine cult and as a result, I always give them the benefit of
the doubt against America... How does America compete with the rest of
the world?... Competative ambiguousness? 'Archie Bunker' is the first
time I ever heard the term 'overqualified'... You can trace the demise
of the American Empire starting at that point is what I'm thinking...
I suppose that 'overqualified' is more objectionable than 'gay' in the
ambiguousness department... Ya can't tell by looking, dude... It is
never passe to my way of thinking... Japan being a machine cult
basically means that they objectify America's system as being fucked
up... They objectify Russia's system as being fucked up... They don't
have any of the problems that either America or Russia can't overcome
so how impossible is it that a machine cult is not more worldly than
any other system?... Japan has no fears that America is going to
emulate Japan's machine cult... The prospect of that would be
troubling to Japan.