Date: Dec 29, 2012 4:33 PM
Subject: solved the neutrino and it is voltage Chapt15.36 explaining the<br> neutrino from the Maxwell Equations #1123 New Physics #1243 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Solved the neutrino and it is a longitudinal wave that is voltage!

I thought this would take at least 1 month if not 2 months to solve.
Looks like I solved it in 2 days.
Maybe that is how we should estimate solutions, hoping for 2 months
and then finding it in 2 days.

I gave the analogy of a US Marine assault on a beach on a island in
the Pacific during WW2, that you want at least a toehold on the beach
in order to
land and assemble a force to muster an offense.

But another analogy is that once a science project has so many
elements put together already, like a jigsaw puzzle at the start
everything is apart and asunder and until enough of the puzzle is
together that we breeze through the last remaining pieces.

I had enough of the puzzle together that these last challenges of the
neutrino was a breeze.

Let me cover it in general.

The neutrino is not a particle, but rather, what we would call pure

The most important equation to solve superconductivity, resistance and
now the neutrino is the Ohm's Law.

If you look at the Ohm's Law of Old Physics it is deeply tarnished and
nonsensical, for although it relates properly what the Potential
Difference is
V = iR, it does not tell us anything about V nor R.

The V in Ohm's law is actually just pure energy in the form of a
longitudinal wave. It travels at the speed of light, because it is in
the Maxwell Equations of the Coulomb law, the Faraday law and the
Ampere law. All three of those laws must use voltage. All three use
Ohm's law.

Now examine Ohm's law carefully of its:
V = iR

Notice that the i involves a current and a current involves particles
with mass such as the electron.

Since V is equal to current times resistance, must mean that either V
is a particle or R is a particle, but not both.

Now we noticed already that in superconductivity, resistance is Malus
law of this:

I = M cos^2a

Notice it is the same form as energy related to mass:

E = m c^2

in fact, Ohm's law is related to entropy of thermodynamics:

S = -k (lnP) but let us save that for later. And a equivalent
statement to the entropy increasing, is that the noise, or sound of
noise of the Universe increases with age.

The difference between Ohm's law in Old Physics and Ohm's law in New
Physics is that New Physics
defines Ohm's law according to the Maxwell Equations. Old Physics was
too derelict to notice that Ohm's law was just a definition without
bringing in the Maxwell Equations to define the V and the R in the

Now the big surprise in all of this is that the neutrino is not a
particle at all, but a bundle of energy, pure energy. It is the reason
that neutrinos go through matter without any play with the matter,
because the neutrino, unlike the electron, proton or photon is not a
particle. The electron, proton, photon are both particle and wave
simultaneously, but the neutrino is never a particle, just a wave.

Now that is going to be difficult to understand for most people who
studied Old Physics. But just think for a moment. If I ask you to tell
me about thunder in lightning and thunder, you do not expect thunder
to be some particle that you can arrest and study, but you do expect
lightning to be a particle to arrest and study such as electrons or
protons or even photons.

If I asked you to study the particle of sound, you would not be able
to, but if I asked you to study the particle of electron, proton or
photon, you would be able.

In the double slit experiment, we can use either electrons, protons,
or photons to carry out the experiment. We cannot do that experiment
with sound waves, for there is no particle.

So, in New Physics, the neutrino is pure energy and never a particle.
It is a wave, and a longitudinal wave
because Potential Difference or voltage is a longitudinal wave and it
must travel at the speed of light.

Now I reckon the pilot wave of the transverse wave of the photon is a
longitudinal wave also, but I need to research that more.

So I replace Neutrinos in physics as pure energy and I replace them
with Magnetic Monopoles.

Neutrinos = magnetic monopoles

Magnetic Monopoles cannot be used in the double slit experiment, nor
can neutrinos.

Particles that exist can be used in the double slit experiment. That
means neither monopoles nor neutrinos are particles of physics but are
pure energy.

Now this gets back to the Maxwell Equations for it starts with the
Maxwell Equations. The operation of the Coulomb law, Faraday law and
Ampere law all involve voltage and potential difference. All three
laws require a particle of electron, proton, and photon. All three
require a "pure energy" for the voltage and the wave of that pure
energy is a longitudinal wavefront. It is what the displacement
current in Ampere law produces and it is what the magnetic current
density in the Faraday law produces.

So physics has just three particles/waves -- electron, proton, photon.

And physics has just one pure wave -- magnetic monopoles (neutrinos in
Old Physics).

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