Date: Dec 30, 2012 9:33 AM
Author: Pubkeybreaker
Subject: Re: From Fermat little theorem to Fermat Last Theorem

On Dec 30, 6:48 am, quasi <qu...@null.set> wrote:
> John Jens wrote:
> >... =
> The obvious error is your claim that a < p.
> But that error was previously pointed out to you.
> And yet you repost the same nonsense.
> Did you really fail to understand the previous objections?
> Or are you simply trolling?
> quasi

I also pointed out that modular considerations, such as the one he is
are known NOT TO WORK. One can not lift results from a local field
(i.e. mod p)
to a global one (i.e. Q) because SHA is an obstruction to the Hasse-