Date: Dec 30, 2012 11:05 PM
Author: Steven Lord
Subject: Re: Event Object for Datacursormode

"Nima Nikvand" <> wrote in message
> Hello Matt,
> Thanks for your replies to both my posts. I modified my
> datatextboxfunction as follows to store my desired variables in figure
> handles:
> function [txt,pos] = datatextbox(~,event_obj,ancestor)
> pos = get(event_obj,'Position');
> txt = {['Vector Length: ',num2str(pos(1))],...
> ['MOS: ',num2str(pos(2))]};
> setappdata(handles.figure1,'img',pos);
> %setappdata(handles.figure2,'txtx',txt);
> end
> However, now my data tip is not showing the correct information (Vector
> length and Mos) , and shows Error in Custom data tip function instead.
> When I remove the setappdata function it starts working again.

Set a breakpoint on the first line of the datatextbox function then attempt
to reproduce the error. Step through the function until it throws the error.
Determine why the error occurs and fix it.

Alternately, instead of using handles.figure1, use ANCESTOR on the Target
property of the event_obj object to retrieve its figure ancestor.

"Handle of the object the data cursor is referencing (the object which
you click, for example, a line or a bar from a series)"

You can then set its application data or use GUIDATA to share whatever
information you want.

Steve Lord
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