Date: Dec 30, 2012 11:13 PM
Author: Nima Nikvand
Subject: Error in Custom datatip string function

Hello everyone, 

I am using a custom datatip string function in my GUI, the call to the function is made in the following format:

'SnapToDataVertex','on', ...

where datatextbox is the custom datatip function and the following is it's format:

function [txt,pos] = datatextbox(~,event_obj)
pos = get(event_obj,'Position');
txt = {['Vector Length: ',num2str(pos(1))],['MOS: ',num2str(pos(2))]};
myhandles = guidata(gcbo);
sobj1= myhandles.sobj1;
sobj2 = myhandles.sobj2;
myhandles.txt = txt;
[imno,imind,vlength,ssim,axes] = lselection(sobj1,sobj2,pos);

However, I am getting a "Error in Custom datatip string function" error message when I add the last function (lselection) in my function definition. If I remove this function everything works alright. The lselection function works alright when used separately, I need to be able to pass and update the position information from this function and I am wondering what could be the problem and I appreciate any suggestions.