Date: Dec 30, 2012 11:55 PM
Author: ImageAnalyst
Subject: Re: How to extract the area that i want by using Gray Level Co-occurrence matrix?

"Bow" wrote in message <kbpu44$qim$>...
> According to my image from the link below
> I want to detect the black dots between the red line which i think it'll be easier if i canextract those area first and i think using GLCM to define its texture will be the solution for this problem. But i can't figure out how to do this or any better solution?, please advice me. Thank you

I don't have a good intuitive idea for what GLCM should look like for images, so I tend not to use it. I would try more traditional methods first. if you want a texture filter you can try entropyfilt() or stdfilt(). If you know something about the location, like it's within 300 pixels of the outer boundary, then you can find the outer boundary or otherwise somehow locate where the black void zone should be. You probably could be able to simply use morphological methods like imopen() - that's what I'd probably try first - and then just threshold, maybe combine it with filtering based on size or location or something like that.
Image Analyst