Date: Dec 31, 2012 6:10 AM
Author: quasi
Subject: Re: From Fermat little theorem to Fermat Last Theorem

John Jens wrote

>Step 1--> prove a^p + b^p != c^p with a < p ,a,b,c, naturals
>Step 2--> extend to rationals , still a < p

Step 2 fails.

You can scale an integer non-solution down to get a rational
non-solution, but that doesn't prove that there are no
rational solutions.

To prove that there are no rational solutions, it's not
acceptable logic to start with an assumed integer solution
and scale down to a rational one. Rather, you must start by
assuming a rational solution and try for a contradiction.
Scaling up fails since when scaling rational a with a < p
up to integer A, there is no guarantee that A < p, hence
no contradiction.

But this has already been explained to you.

Bottom line -- your proof is hopelessly flawed.

Moreover, your logical skills are so weak that there's
no possibility that you can prove _anything_ non-tivial
relating to _any_ math problem.

Stop wasting your time with mathematical proofs -- your brain
isn't wired for that.