Date: Dec 31, 2012 5:01 AM
Author: israeliteknight
Subject: Re: Speachless In New York (or, another OMG moment)

"But you have not yet, in any of those 'answers' even once elucidated for us (despite several requests) the single important point about what you claim your own 'IQ' to be relative to that of Barack Obama (which you had claimed, at your website "The Father's Manifesto", to lie in the mid-seventies). That is why I had asked again, and ask yet again now."

It's not that replies to your quesions have not been posted. After reviewing the replies, it appears that you may not be receiving them because they are being censored by the education mafia who HATES the simple truths revealed by MATH on this putative math forum.

This form of censorship is *precisely* the political free speech that MY Founding Fathers spilt blood to protect.