Date: Dec 31, 2012 11:54 AM
Author: israeliteknight
Subject: Re: Speachless In New York (or, another OMG moment)

>From a Hong Kong perspective, a TIMSS score of 784 is equivalent to an IQ of 132.  Ghana's score of 309 is 4.4 standard deviations (4.4 SD) lower than Hong Kong's average score, and Botswana's score of 364 is 3.6 SD lower.  In order for a student in Hong Kong to score higher than 784 and thus demonstrate an IQ higher than 132, he would have to score 2.6 SD higher than Hong Kong's average, a score which 34 Hong Kong students DID achieve.

As they scored MORE than 7 SD higher than Ghana and 6.2 SD higher than Botswana, can YOU tell us, GS, exactly how many Ghanans and Botswanans YOU would expect to have an IQ higher than 132?