Date: Jan 3, 2013 4:31 PM
Author: Evan Romer
Subject: Regents exam names

Two questions:

(1) When CCLS is implemented in the HS, starting next year, do we know if the names of the Regents Exams will change to match the CCLS course names (Alg I, Geom, Alg II) or will NYS continue to call the exams Int Alg, Geom and A2T? I assume the names will change, but has SED decided that yet? (We're trying to decide on our math course names for next year.)

(2) I should know this, but I'm confused: when does Geometry become a CCLS course? I know 9th grade math becomes CC next year (2013-14), and I know 11th grade math becomes CC in 2014-2015. But is Geometry CC in 2013-14 or in 2014-15? I thought it was 2014-15, but this document seems to say it's 2013-14:
(see page 3)

I says "seems because it's hard to read across the table horizontally.

Evan Romer
Susquehanna Valley HS
Conklin NY