Date: Jan 3, 2013 8:29 PM
Author: Nima Nikvand
Subject: Re: datacursormode

griffey <> wrote in message <ef35e2d.-1@webx.raydaftYaTP>...
> I have designed a GUI. I put some images in axes. But, I want to know
> some coordinates on the images. I don't know how to use
> datacursormode to output the data cursor. The codes are listed below:
> axes(handles.axes2);
> I1=imread('1.bmp');
> imshow(I1);title('Test Image');
> datacursormode(handles.axes2);
> dcm_obj = datacursormode(handles.axes2);
> I don't know how to set the "figure_handle" inside "datacursormode".
> Now I use "handles.axes2" as "figure_handle", but it doesn't work.
> Any idea?


use [handle,figure] = gcbo. Then you can call datacursormode on figure (which is a figure handle)