Date: Jan 4, 2013 5:32 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Bill Gates and The Big Bang Theory

Political Science is a science because it is all about the lunatic
fringe escalation/pre-escalation issues that humanity has had since
the discovery of 'the wheel'... The Big Bang Theory is about
escalation/pre-escalation issues, ergo, The Big Bang Theory and
Political Science are the same thing and therefore both are science,
by convention. Bill Gates is counting on 'The Big Bang Theory' working
but all I say is: Well, Bill, I think we should rip the internet out
and start all over again from scratch... This conveys lack of trust
issues in Bill and quite possibly pre-escalation issues in me... Bill
disputes my authoritative opinion regarding The Big Bang Theory...
Bill needs The Big Bang Theory to 'work' in order for the internet to
work... Well, Bill, it is quite impossible that both me and John Nash
exist in the 'one universe paradigm' that common sense would suggest
is the reality and therefore, the consensus must be that John Nash has
the authoritative opinion that will restore the trust that you seem to
need before the demoliton process begins. How impossible is it that
Bill Gates has any stress issues to speak of? Money buys stress
relief... He wants to be a 'black monarch' in a former life? (ok,
whatever)... Bill Gates is untenable given that I am objectified as an
expert in pain relief management... He is ambivolent as opposed to
oblivious to the implications of me...