Date: Jan 4, 2013 10:09 PM
Author: Richard Strausz
Subject: 'At Right Angles' - a journal from India

The following came as part of the weekly eNewsletter from the Math Forum. 
At Right Angles

Enter a name and address to freely download the 8Mb December issue of At Right Angles, which features pedagogy and technology articles on

*how to approach problem solving in geometry
*using a spreadsheet to explore the Monty Hall problem
*the role of open-ended questioning in classroom teaching
*the axiomatic basis of origami, and an unexpected construction possible under the rules of paper folding
*pitfalls in the teaching of the method of induction
*exploring constructivism

This Indian publication's second issue came out during the country's "national year of mathematics" and the 125th birthday of Ramanujan. The article entitled "A math connect across the centuries" claims that Ramanujan likely discovered an algebraic identity that led him to a result in Euclidean geometry ? a topic that rarely appears in his notebooks.

The inaugural edition of At Right Angles introduced math portfolios, math clubs, and a visual way to teach the birthday paradox. Download the June issue and other joint publications of the Azim Premji University from