Date: Jan 5, 2013 3:46 PM
Author: ms
Subject: ETFE and Frequency Data - Resolution of Frequency

I am using the ETFE function to look at the frequency response of my data.  I am using 2048 points and the sampling rate is 100Hz (1/100sec).  My code looks like this:

ETFE_DATA = etfe(data, 100, 2048);

I noticed the Frequency has a resolution of of 50/2048 (or 0.0244Hz). Shouldn't the resolution be twice that, 50/2048 0.0488Hz?

Similar in the help for FFT, to create your frequency vector you would use:

(100/2)*linspace(0,1,2048/2+1)%you will see the frequency increments are 0.0488Hz.