Date: Jan 5, 2013 3:51 PM
Author: Richard Tobin
Subject: Re: Help with algorithm for adjusting RGB colors

In article <>,
David C. Ullrich <> wrote:

>> Sub MyRandCharColors()
>> Dim oChr As Range
>> Dim sngR As Single, sngG As Single, sngB As Single
>> Randomize

>It's a common thing, people calling Randomize, or the
>equivalent in another language, in the body of a
>function like this, thinking that the more calls to
>Randomize the better.

There are other reasons why the function might call Randomize.
In particular, it might be considered a library function and
not want to assume that the calling program will call it.

>You think calling Randomize over and over is
>making things more random, but it actually
>makes things _less_ random. The story:
>Randomize sets some "seed" based on the
>system clock. Once that seed is set, repeated
>calls to Rnd return a sequence of quasi-random
>numbers, starting with he seed.

I hope not. It would make more sense for it to combine something
based on the clock with the current random state.

-- Richard