Date: Jan 5, 2013 10:32 PM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: 'At Right Angles' - a journal from India

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> At Right Angles
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> December issue of At Right Angles, which features
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Thanks, Richard, for drawing our attention to this magazine (and a couple of others published by the Azim Premji University).

I've downloaded both issues available of "At Right Angles" and have glanced at the contents pages. Both issues seem to have interesting (and potentially very useful) articles. In particular, I am happy to observe that they seem to have carried a fair amount of 'non-traditional' stuff, such as "Teaching fractions through paper folding".

A letter from the Chief Editor in Issue 1 states that this is:
>a publication addressed directly to teachers and
>students, which offers a space to read about interesting >topics in mathematics, share one?s observations and >experiences, read about new resources, hear about >upcoming events, and participate in problem solving.


>What value does such a forum have? Oh, it is vitally >important! Mathematics education in India is in a deep >crisis today, at almost every level. There are
>many reasons behind this, but one of them, certainly, is >the absence of a forum for mathematics teachers where >they can talk about their subject, share ideas, >articulate doubts and anxieties, and learn from one >another. Likewise, for students who love mathematics, >there is notmuchof a space to relate with others of like >mind.

I note in passing that in Issue 2, "At Right Angles" has carried a laudatory review of the Cambridge University initiative "NRICH" - about which I had posted here a year or so about (and about which Robert Hansen had put forth, as might have been expected, some dismissive comments).

"At Right Angles" does not seem to have anything aimed at students who've been seriously turned off by the godawful teaching of math (by traditional methods) that is the norm in most of our schools.

Perhaps this deficiency may be rectified in due course. This is, of course, rather more difficult an audience to reach.

Overall, I do not know how successful this magazine has been/is - but I must state that to me their intentions seem unexceptionable. (I don't know any of the promoters - though I have heard of the Azim Premji University).

I do wonder whether (on looking through what has been done thus far in "At Right Angles") Haim would classify the promoters of the magazine as members of an Indian 'Education Mafia'???

I for one am fully in support of this venture (though I know very little indeed about how effectively they are doing what they claim to want to be doing).
More, perhaps, in due course after I look at the articles.