Date: Jan 7, 2013 12:35 AM
Author: David Park
Subject: Re: Precision

To permanently change your number display use Menu -> Edit -> Preferences,
then the Appearance, Numbers tab and set the display you wish.

For custom formatting within a notebook use NumberForm and its options.

Note that the purpose of N is to convert an exact number to an approximate
number and it is not intended for number formatting.

David Park

From: Rob Ryan []

My frustration is growing. I simply want to add (for example):
103971.66+52282.64+2998.27. These are dollars and cents and I'd like to keep
the cents. But when I input that line, I get 159923. When I input:
N[(103971.66+52282.64+2998.27),20] I STILL get 159923. What do I do to get
159952.57? I've used "SetPrecision", etc. with still no result.
I note that when I type 103971.66 and hit shift-return, the output is
103972. If I then type "InputForm[%]" I get 103971.66.

There simply has to be an easy way to add these numbers - any calculator
watch can do it!