Date: Jan 6, 2013 11:07 PM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: A Point on Understanding

Robert Hansen (RH) posted Jan 6, 2013 9:25 PM (GSC's remarks interspersed):
> On Jan 5, 2013, at 7:27 PM, GS Chandy
> <> wrote:

> >>
> >> How did you go about teaching your children?
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> > That, frankly, is none of your business. I did not
> bring up the subject at all.
> Really? You didn't bring up the subject of teaching
> children?

Do please check out YOUR OWN message to find out where in this thread and just HOW the subject (of "teaching my children") came up. This SHOULD have (but evidently hasn't) been your business before this latest response of yours to me.
> Or is it, that you brought up the subject
> of teaching children, but you have no actual
> experience teaching children?
> Bob Hansen

Nope. I'm not a school teacher, so I do not have what you (or I) would accept as "actual experience teaching children".


-- I do closely observe children and how they learn - see, for instance, the attachment herewith,"How a Child Learns". This SHOULD have (but evidently hasn't) been your business before this latest response of yours to me.

-- In specific respect to "actual experience teaching children", I have very close association with people who do have (and continue to have) "actual experience teaching children". My (ex-)wife, who is now a very good friend instead of being 'wife', actually runs a pretty famous and leading Montessori school here in Bangalore. (Whenever I'm in town) I am often invited to the school to observe and to talk to teachers there. None of the above is, by the way, ACTUALLY any of your business - but I choose to bring it up to try and make things abundantly clear to you.

-- There's more: My (adopted) 13-year old granddaughter once came to me with the complaint: "Oh, math is SO boring!"

I devised a practical method for her to get herself over her incorrect impression (via using OPMS, of course [which started off, yes, by making a couple of lists an activity that has drawn numerous sneers from you and Haim]).

Anyway, that grand-daughter soon got over her incorrect impression that math was "boring". (She made a couple of lists - then went on to DOING something with those lists!. No she didn't use OPMS herself for that, she went by my suggestions; however, she may well use OPMS now or in the future to help her decide her career).

On her own accord, after gaining some interest in math, she went on to start a 'math-club' in her school. She has NOT become a mathematician - but she is certainly entirely competent at all her math. She now seems well on her way now, at age 16, to become a biologist, where she will be using a fair bit of math, I believe. (By the way, she actively LIKES math now, and is pretty good at it. That is, she has successfully gotten over her 'fear and loathing' of math, which was the real point of the whole exercise). [Most of the above, too, is none of your business - but I chose to bring it up].

To cut a long story short: no, I have very little (or even zero) "actual experience teaching children".

But I certainly have sufficient awareness not to make foolish claims and charges.

AND, I repeat:

1) I did NOT bring up the subject of "teaching my (or your) child or children".

2) How I might have "gone about teaching my children" is still NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

("Still Shoveling Away!)