Date: Jan 7, 2013 10:17 PM
Author: r!chard tchen
Subject: Re: 'At Right Angles' - a journal from India

Thank you, Richard,

To reciprocate: our interest in _At Right Angles_ (AtRiA) dates back before its inception, to one of the Forum's online professional development offerings. A teacher who took one of our free orientation sessions went on to (among other accomplishments) serve as an editor of AtRiA -- and remembered the Forum's Problems of the Week fondly enough that she "pulled our mail out of the archive" (her words) to inquire if Azim Premji University's new publication might reproduce our content.

While that has yet to transpire, AtRiA's second issue did provide the Math Forum Internet News with a great opportunity to acknowledge India's "national year of mathematics" in ways we hoped might benefit math teachers outside the nation. Both that celebration and its impetus -- Ramanujan's 125th birthday -- generated little else in the way of fresh teaching resources.

... at least, that we found online!

Thanks again,

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