Date: Jan 9, 2013 10:59 PM
Author: Kate
Subject: gaussian convolution of XYZ data (code provided)

Good day everyone,

I have a dataset of XYZ points. I then convert the dataset to a voxelized model.
Here is the data of the XYZ points and the code showing the relating voxels for this data (NOTE: I use a function called "VOXEL_IMAGE" you an download at:


data=[0 0.33333 0.5
0.18182 0.44444 0.625
0 0.66667 0
0 0.22222 0.125
0.27273 0.66667 0.25
0.36364 0.44444 0.4375
0.27273 0 0.625
0.54545 0.55556 0.75
0.54545 0.22222 0.875
1 1 1]

% for i=1:size(data,1)
% varargout = voxel(data(i,:));
% end
color = 'y';
alpha = 1;
edgec = 'k';

vs = 0.05;
voxel_image(data, vs, color, alpha, edgec);


Now, I want to apply a 3D Gaussian Filter to convolute with this 3D voxel data. The voxelized model is represented as:


So I want to convolute as follows using the 3d gaussian, G(x,y,z,sigma ):

M(x,y,z)*G(x,y,z,sigma) ;% where * represents the convolution

So, I created my own 3D Gaussian function. Here is the 3DGaussian filter:

function f=gaussian3d(sigma)
% N is grid size set as 7, sigma speaks for itself

N =7;

[x y z]=meshgrid(round(-N/2):round(N/2), round(-N/2):round(N/2), round(-N/2):round(N/2));


I have no issues with the function or anything, my problem is that my gaussian3d filter is essentially a 3D array, whereas my Data is just a single XYZ matrix, and I do not know how to go about doing the 3d convolution. This is what I have so far.

Any help would be appreciated.