Date: Jan 11, 2013 2:08 PM
Author: Kirk Weiler
Subject: PARCC Framework Standards

There has been a lot of discussion lately about what specific CCSS (or CCLS) standards will be assessed on the new high school exams starting next year.

I'm still betting on the PARCC Frameworks as opposed to the Appendix A. There are a lot of contradictions between these two documents, which is why NYSED needs to clarify this for us right now!!! Somewhere there are NYSED folks meeting with Pearson folks to design the assessments for June of 2014 (one transitional year before we might adopt PARCC). Surely NYSED is letting the Pearson people know what is on the test. Surely they have made a decision by now.

I'm attaching to this thread 3 MS Word documents that contain the CCSS standards that will be assessed on each of the PARCC end of year assessments. I boiled this info down from the PARCC Framework document (November 2012) so that it is much more user friendly. These documents give a concise list for each course of the CCSS standards PARCC currently believes will be on the end of year assessments.


Kirk Weiler