Date: Jan 11, 2013 10:23 PM
Author: Murray Eisenberg
Subject: Re: Modern Differential Geometry for Mathematica 9

How about the following?

(1) Identifying the exact version number of Atlas 2 to which you refer
-- in your message and on the DigiArea web site?

With my licensed copy of Atlas 2, in the Documentation Center page
guide/InstalledAddOns, I see that I am running Atlas version 2.3.0. And
the "Update" button in the "Manage" section for that item on the page is
not highlighted, so _presumably_ I have the current version.

(2) Providing an easy way to tell within Atlas what the version is.

In fact, it should be a "law" for any commercial or free add-on: within
the context of the add-on, include a variable that returns the version
number. E.g.:




I tried some poking around in the Atlas add-on files themselves, but in
Atlas.m I see:

(* :Package Version: 2.0 *)

(* :Copyright: Copyright 2011, DigiArea, Inc. *)

(* :Mathematica Version: 8.0 *)

So how am I supposed to tell easily what version is really there?

Add-on providers, especially commercial ones, should be subject to 10
lashes from a wet spaghetti if they fail to include such a function.

On Jan 10, 2013, at 9:42 PM, Sandra <> wrote:

> The Atlas project team is pleased to announce the release of the
Mathematica 9 version of the Atlas 2 for Mathematica package.
> Atlas 2 for Mathematica is the add-on for doing modern differential

geometry calculations.
> The tool is available on DigiArea website and Wolfram Research

> Some of the main features:
> - Calculations are coordinate free - calculations are performed in

terms of tensors, vectors and p-forms, but not their components!
> - Standard differential geometry notations - the tool uses standard

differential geometry notations for exterior derivative, tensor product
etc. which
> allows you to see the same results/formulas on the screen and in your

> - Visualization of n-dimensional objects - the tool provides useful

Visualize function to visualize n-dimensional differential geometry
> You can explore more about the visualization here:
> - Differential Geometry Library - the tool provides access to

Differential Geometry Library directly from Mathematica. The library has
over 550 objects for
> differential geometry and its applications. There are hundreds of

Exact Solutions of Einstein's Field Equations. Atlas Palette (see below)
calculates any of
> the objects/Exact Solutions just in seconds.
> You can explore Differential Geometry Library here:
> - Atlas palette - Mathematica palette that allows you to manipulate,

visualize and calculate entities for any of the objects from the
> - Atlas Wizard - Mathematica wizard that solves differential geometry

problems on the fly even if you have a little knowledge in the topic.
> The tool works with Mathematica 8 and Mathematica 9.

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