Date: Jan 12, 2013 1:02 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Efficiency vs. The Big Bang Theory

So Dr. Thomas Brewer is the efficiency expert... Given the cross
referance between efficiency and The Big Bang Theory, what derives
from that? Well, ya see, if there is an infinite number of universes
extending from my eardrums in both directions, efficiency asks: 'What
is the *allocation*?'... Ultimately, what must be consistantly true is
that the air inside my lungs has twice the density of the air outside
my body. My eardrums are not six feet in diameter... exactly what does
it take to convey this information to the outside world?... The
entanglement between radar and radio tower transmissions has a grip on
the center of my brain and the *COMMAND* is for the center of my brain
to turn **RIGHT!!!**... Well, I have a stutter complex... My brain
doesn't know right from left as a consequence:

***BY THE NOSE!!!***
***BY THE NOSE!!!***
***BY THE NOSE!!!***

It is apparently true that The Big Bang Theory proves one thing above
all other things... Physics does not lead... What is a 'LEADER' is
both tangible and insurmountable...