Date: Jan 12, 2013 9:51 PM
Author: Berthold Hamburger
Subject: NSolve output


I want to solve two simple equations with NSOLVE to calculate the
dimensions of a rectangular box that is open on top. The length of the
box is twice the width and the volume and area of the box are
respectively 40 cubic feet and 60 square feet.

I defined the area and volume:
a = xz + 2xy + 2yz
v = xyz

then substituted x with 2z:

a2 = a /. x->2z
v2 = v /. x->2z

a2 = 6 y z + 2 z^2
v2 = 2 y z^2

solved with NSolve:
step1 = NSolve[{a2 == 60, v2 == 40}, {y, z}, Reals] [[1,2]] //Column

which returns the results

I would like to get an output that returns values for all 3 variables
x,y,z as in


but somehow cannot find a way to do it

What would be the correct way for doing that?


Berthold Hamburger