Date: Jan 14, 2013 2:07 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Closed Systems

Since I?m not incinerating by degrees, it must be true that nine
gyroscopes self attenuate? I am a flourine ion? Everyone else is
diatomonous flourine? Now, Neon is significant in a talismanic sense
given that there is social interaction between men and women in a Neon
lit setting or environment? The bounces between Neon and Flourine give
a measure of confidence to believe what I?m telling you is true? My
brain is a closed system? Given that Neon exists, my brain is a closed
system that is not incinerating by degrees? Otherwise, if Neon doesn?t
exist then my brain would be incinerating by degrees? What am I
supposed to do with an engineering degree? Physicists are VILE!!!
Sheldon from the TV show: ?The Big Bang Theory? is an empathetic
character? Sheldon exists!!! Because everyone else associated with
physics is too vile to exist. Nobody ever needs to lecture me
regarding ?The Big Bang Theory?? I know everything about it more than
you do and as far as I?m concerned, I don?t need to hear another word
about it for the rest of my life? The first thing I need in order to
be a physicist is a firearm and a licence to kill anyone who thinks