Date: Jan 15, 2013 3:38 PM
Author: Louis Talman
Subject: Re: Update about "The community of mathematics educators: Join in<br> defending fun

On Tue, 15 Jan 2013 08:15:49 -0700, Robert Hansen <> wrote:

> On Jan 14, 2013, at 10:21 PM, Michael Paul Goldenberg
> <> wrote:

>> Of course, honest critics of Boaler's work would admit that they don't
>> have their own experiments upon which to >>justify the grandfathered
>> methods of mathematics education they prefer.

> Oh, but I do. Of course, I am out "here" with decades of experience and
> going through hundreds and hundreds of resumes with decades of
> experience, while >"educationalists" can only suppose or fancy what
> education must be about or for.
> Bob Hansen

Real scientists know the difference between the words "experiment" and
"experience", and they do not suggest that it is possible to substitute
the latter for the former.

--Lou Talman
Department of Mathematical & Computer Sciences
Metropolitan State University of Denver