Date: Jan 15, 2013 7:07 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: The Big Bang Theory Paradigm

I would be remiss to say that The Big Bang Theory is an article of
faith when it is an article of trust instead... Volumes could be
written and said about this distinction... I am ostensively an expert
but what does that mean just between the two of us?... What is a
theory that has lost all pretense of sentiment?... I would just like
to say that I can tolerate anything that comes from a woman but
fatalistic and infantile males are intolerable to me and that seems to
be the type of person who has the greatest expertise and confidence in
'The Big Bang Theory'... The Big Bang Theory *WORKS* because so much
is riding on it? Yeah, Well, I don't have a problem with being
sensible about it but what do you tell to young students (given that
I'm embarking on a new carreer as a university faculty member...) How
do you convey to a student that a thesis which has merit has to not
only have merit but it has to *work* as well?