Date: Jan 16, 2013 3:11 PM
Subject: electrons shot into free neutrons Experiment to confirm that<br> electrons initiate Neutron decay, not the proton Chapt15.39 Glossary #1159<br> New Physics #1279 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

On Jan 16, 1:18 am, Archimedes Plutonium
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> Now I am trying to think of a means of an experiment to prove that a
> free neutron initiates its decay as a result of the actions of the pre-
> electron.
> The Standard Model with its quark theory nonsense, thinks that the
> preproton initiates the decay by moving the udd to a udu as shown of
> the Feynman diagram in the Wikipedia entry of the neutron.
> New Physics would have a totally different diagram where the neutron
> has a straying preelectron and then a electron emitted out of the
> neutron and soon to follow is the proton
> and the neutrino.
> Now I wonder if I can arrange an experiment that finally proves that
> the pre-electron initiates the decay of the free-neutron. I was
> thinking today whether in an experiment where we created a stream of
> free-neutrons and bombarded them with a stream of positrons. Whether
> we can calculate a mathematical difference, however slight a
> difference it would be, that if the pre-electron was the initiator of
> the neutron decay, that we would see a spike in electron-positron
> annihilation than if the pre-proton of udu
> were the initiator.
> If the Standard Model is correct, then the beam of positrons would
> have far less annihilations than if the preelectrons were the
> initiators.
> Now maybe someone else has already done this type of experiment in
> search of something else.

Alright, yesterday I outlined the above experiment to find out if the
free neutron that holds a pre-electron, pre-proton and pre-neutrino
inside of itself and when it decays the neutron turns into a electron,
proton and neutrino. To find out which of the two particles starts the
free-neutron to go into a decay? Is it the electron that initiates the
decay or is it the proton that initiates the decay?

According to Old Physics of their silly Standard Model and Quark
theory nonsense, it is the proton or pre-proton that initiates the
decay of the free neutron, because they ascribe the udd quarks going
into udu quarks. So to Old Physics the free neutron decays because of
the proton and can be seen in the Feynman diagram of the Wikipedia
entry on neutron decay.

Now according to New Physics which is based solely on the Maxwell
Equations being the axioms over all of physics, it is the electron or
pre-electron that initiates the decay of the free-neutron. It does so
because the electron comes from Hyperbolic geometry and once it is
outside a atom nucleus, the hyperbolic geometry likes to roam or move
away from a proton and that is what free neutron decay is all about--
hyperbolic geometry roams away from the proton and its elliptic

So in this experiment, we are to discover whether the proton initiates
or whether the electron initiates the free neutron into decay.

Yesterday I spoke of shooting positrons into a flow of free neutrons
and if the electron is the initiator, there would be far more positron
electron annihilations than if the proton was the initiator.

Today I want to include shooting electrons into a flow of free
neutrons. With the electrons, there is no annihilation, but if the
proton was the initiator being bombarded by electrons, then there
would be far more hydrogen atoms coming off the interaction than if
the electron was the initiator.

So in this experiment we bombard or shoot positrons at free neutrons
and shoot electrons at free-neutrons, and we hope to unravel which of
these two particles, electron or proton, initiates the free neutron


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