Date: Jan 16, 2013 5:00 PM
Author: Roger Stafford
Subject: Re: Need training in Matlab for Thermal Conduction and Physical Deformation Modeling

"Cathina" wrote in message <kd74at$pgs$>...
> I need to build a 3D model of a magma chamber with thermal conduction heat lost to the surrounding non-elastic or partially elastic medium. I also need to account for topographic deformation based of the percent compressibility of the magma.
> I am 100% new to coding AND Matlab and can't get straight answers on how to get trained correctly on this subject in a timely manner.
> I sent a CS request on the Matlab website but am getting no response. There are lots of short (and eclectic/random) videos and modules but I think I need a more directed approach.
> Any ideas?

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My guess is that while Mathworks or people in this newsgroup could help you set up and solve the partial differential equations that would be needed in heat conduction and perhaps in deformation problems, it would be up to you to furnish such equations. I doubt if any of them are experts in the physical aspects of those problems. Formulate your questions in good mathematical form and you might get some help here (though there is no guarantee of that.)

Roger Stafford